Your Daily Muslim #716: Mustafa Baskal

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UK Muslim Mustafa Baskal is a more prolific Tweeter than even the most vociferous of Gamergaters. Baskal, who is of Turkish descent, routinely fires off dozens of Tweets a day, inundating his followers with all sorts of 7th-century nonsense.

Recently, UK Channel 4 aired a documentary about Muslim drag queens. Of course, the Muslims featured therein were widely condemned and threatened by their coreligionists because living in the present is against Islam. The critics cited numerous Qur’an verses condemning homosexuality, effeminacy, and so forth. Let’s see what Baskal had to say.

baskal drag 1

“If you have gay thoughts… keep that within you.” Uh, so you want all gays to stay in the closet? Wow. Why don’t you keep your Islam within you and let others live their lives as they please?

baskal drag 2

So you can’t disagree with child marriage, taking captured women as sex slaves, amputating hands for…

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Your Daily Muslim #717: Aniqa Ahmed

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Aniqa Ahmed Aniqa Ahmed

Here’s another Muslim who decided to air her hateful views upon the release of the Muslim Drag Queens documentary. Funny, because she looks like a sloppy drag queen herself.

aniqa 1

WOW. “You can’t be gay and Muslim.” If you expect people to tolerate your invisible sky-demon cult, maybe you should tolerate them? Just saying, hate isn’t good PR. But she is right – it is next to impossible to be gay and Muslim… and survive.

Ahmed also retweeted multiple hate messages about the broadcast:

aniqa 2

aniqa 3

I wonder why she’s getting hate… it couldn’t possibly because she’s an intolerant regressive who values an ancient child-porn fairytale over basic human decency.

aniqa jinn

Jinns are invisible spirits that eat poop and can possess people, according to the Qur’an. Somehow Ahmed expects people to respect her religion that believes in jinns and excludes gay people. I swear, the logic employed by those featured on this…

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Your Daily Muslim #699: Nabil Huruy

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Nabil Huruy Nabil Huruy

Toronto Muslim Nabil Huruy was ahead of his time. His ideas, deemed radical by many, were put into practice not long before they became mainstream. Yes, he’s a hipster Muslim – he attempted a lone-wolf jihad beheading before they were cool.

Huruy had several encounters with law enforcement in the weeks leading up to the incident, one of which landed him in a hospital for a mental health check. He later went on to deny he was crazy.

One night, Huruy walked into a cafe where some guys were casually playing cards. He joined their game, then decided he wasn’t playing around. He repeatedly slashed and stabbed one of the men, a firefighter, in the head and neck. He was arrested and ordered to undergo another mental health evaluation.

“[At the institution] I thought I got to do my job and guard my own, to prove I’m not…

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Your Daily Muslim #695: Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez

Your Daily Muslim

Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez getting physical with another shirtless guy... truly a #gayporn4muhammad film in the making Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez getting physical with another shirtless guy… truly a #gayporn4muhammad film in the making

Everyone thought Kuwaiti-American Muslim Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez was nice, normal, and funny. He was an aspiring mixed martial artist, and was known to skip prayers at times during his training. He was friendly with the kuffar and never showed signs of “radicalization” (read: actually following the commands of his prophet, pigs be upon him.)

Of course, Abdulazeez was a mujahid. Not getting enough (any?) is quite possibly what motivated him to go for 72 virgins. He shot up two military recruitment centers, killing 4 before being shot dead.

His high school yearbook quote, which he attributed to “Hijabman,” is oddly ominous: “My name causes national security alerts. What does yours do?” I wonder if he had any idea how terrible his actions would make his religion look, especially when coupled with his mocking of…

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