Your Daily Muslim: Yasser al-Habib (Part 2)

“In early 2013, al-Habib raised £2 million to purchase land for a mosque in a small UK community, now named the al-Muhassin mosque (pronounced “all my ass in” lolz

Your Daily Muslim

Sheikh Yasser al-Habib This post contains descriptions and subject matter some readers may find graphic and offensive. Reader discretion is strongly recommended. For part 1, click here.

“Among the issues that [Shiites] aren’t afflicted with, is that none of them will masturbate using his hand, meaning that they won’t degrade themselves to such a degree… none of them will be afflicted with being sodomized in the anus.”

Hold on, so if they won’t masturbate with their hand, what will they use? Their mind? Will they use a dildo to try to succeed through the back door? UK-based Kuwaiti sheikh Yasser al-Habib always makes us ask such important questions. Being the intellectual equivalent of a lobotomized australopithecus afarensis, his sermons range from the pornographic to the gruesome and absurd. Nary a sane word is ever uttered from his clearly sausage-craving maw – he talks about gay sex more than most gay people do.

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