Lessons for Obama from the shores of Tripoli

Learn From History What Not to Be Doing in Dealing With These Particular Forces (Islamic)


At first glance, America seems to be struggling with how to adequately respond to the Islamic State terror group. The might of the world’s most powerful army is barely being felt by what is essentially an organized group of bandits.

A state of the art military responsible for the “shock and awe” that utterly decimated the Middle East’s largest army in a matter of days just ten years ago seems incapable of carrying out more than limited pinpoint strikes on tactical, rather than strategic, targets.

That the Obama administration has elected to manage the crisis, rather than achieve victory, is evidenced by the minimal force being focused on these minor tactical targets. President Obama would be wise to read a bit of his great nation’s history and learn from America’s past victories.

America’s battle with ISIS is not her first military adventure in the Middle East, nor is it America’s…

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