Obituary for a King.

Wail, gnash teeth and cry 😦

Defend the Modern World


Ever since the news broke of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia’s demise, I’ve been practically inconsolable. I write this through a veil of tears and motivated only by the urge to celebrate the life of a bold reformer and profoundly influential humanist.

We often take our liberties for granted in the West. This is much more difficult in the Middle East, where freedom is scarce and thus elevated to its correct value. That is why Abdullah’s heroic reforms will stand out in the history textbooks, ultimately placing his name beside that of Nelson Mandela, Winston Churchill and Charles de Gaulle.

Abdullah, though of noble birth, never needed to go into politics. He had (up unto his death) the looks of a movie star. In the Saudi national press, it was a running joke to call the King ‘Abdullah Cruise’ owing his undeniable resemblance to the Hollywood actor, Tom Cruise.


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