British jihadi threatens British politicians and servicemen on Twitter

Another big fat JOKE of a human being…. babbling hate and holding a gun… fuzzy face etc etc etc…. (puke!)
Will there be, in future days, a comedy series about these pigs? I really hope so. Might not live to see it.. or I might 🙂

The Muslim Issue

The British are very lucky that Muslems are threatening their police, politicians and military personnel. Because if they didn’t, the powers to be would not bother to protect the public and the option to deport Muslims and totally ban Muslim immigration – at least in the future if not now – would never come up.


British jihadi threatens MPs on Twitter ahead of general election: Terrorist also suggests attack on Territorial Army in hate-filled messages

  • Abu Rahin Aziz, 33, posted a string of tweets inciting attacks on the UK
  • He told followers to use guns, bombs and stones against Western targets
  • Also mocked the death of Alan Henning, saying he would ‘burn in hell’
  • Aziz skipped bail in Britain after stabbing a football fan with a pen 

Threats: Abu Rahin Aziz, pictured in Syria, told his Twitter follower to attack MPs and servicemen 

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