It’s Time for US to Take the Fight to the Islamists

Excellent. The clear cut solution to begin unscrambling this mess we are in.
Why can’t Obama read this article and consider these suggestions as a guideline… (rhetorical question)



ByJack David

A headline from last weekend screamed that the murder of an ISIS hostage from Japan, like the beheadings of Westerners carried out by the group last year, was “unforgiveable.” Two weeks earlier, political leaders around the world expressed their outrage at Islamist terrorists’ assassination of the staff of Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris, and the related murders carried out in a Jewish-owned delicatessen in that city. But mere declarations of the unacceptability of these heinous acts in the name of Islam are not enough. Until policies are stepped up and action is taken to eradicate Islamist terrorism, such statements should be received with skepticism. Until the United States moves against Islamist terrorism – by itself and with the cooperation of allies – it will only get worse.

There are practical steps that American political leaders can take to defeat the Islamists – policy choices that have been…

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