Nobody wants a dead Jihadi in their cemetaries as over 100 dead bodies pile up in Iraqi hospital

The mental image of isis piled high is…. not overly heart rending.

The Muslim Issue

‘More than 100’ bodies of dead foreign ISIS fighters pile up in Iraqi hospitals as home countries and local cemeteries refuse to take them 

  • Combatants come from 13 different nations, according to unnamed official
  • ‘Burn them or drown them, we don’t want them’ is the message
  • Corpses are reportedly from European, Asian and Arab countries
  • Iraqi civilians and politicians are refusing to allow the foreign terrorists’ bodies to be buried in local cemeteries either
  • Government is still working out what to do with the dead, many of whom were killed fighting Kurdish Peshmerga forces or hit by coalition air strikes

The unwanted bodies of dozens of dead foreign ISIS fighters have been left to pile up in Iraqi hospitals.

More than 100 corpses of Islamist combatants from 13 different countries are dispersed among the country’s healthcare units.

That’s according…

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