Problems with Islam – by Adrian Crutchley


This amazing article by Adrian Crutchley is well worth the time to read – it’s lengthy but absolutely FILLED with knowledge about Islam such as;

5.) “Law of Islamic saturation” –Egypt, Turkey, North Africa, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc. Every nation that has allowed Islam to enter into the lands without driving them out afterwards has become an Islamic nation over time. Islam does not leave once it enters and it does not leave until it transforms that area into an Islamic state, Islamic region, or Islamic area. It is not by accident that Muslims are asked to have multiple children and Muslims are asked to speak Arabic when praying. This is how the Law of Islamic saturation and Arabization takes place.

Also take especial account of the final part of the article from point 16 –

16.) The “Clash of Civilization” occurring presently is not Christianity versus Islam as…

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