Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan: ‘No One Will Be Able To Stop The Rise Of Islam In Europe’

The Muslim Issue

erdogan islamophobia

Europe’s favorite “ally” is a full blown Islamist. The socialists of the European Union, in particular the Swedes and the Germans, were so eager for Turkey to join Europe with open borders and unrestricted access, that many EU representatives even demanded a speedy access for Turkey to join the European Union. And Turkey is not even a European country!

The day Turkey joins the EU as a fully active member, Europe will transform into an Islamic state overnight with a Muslim majority population. That  will be the end of Europe as we know it. Whatever is left of it. This is how dangerous the leadership of the European Union is. Their intentions will destroy freedom and democracy completely once and for all.

Erdogan is an extreme and racist leader. This man is evil. He has been trying to smooth talk himself into EU membership. As his wishes are more and…

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