UK Ziamani trial: ‘British soldiers’ heads will be removed… every gay, every Shia killed’

‘I was on my way to kill a British soldier at an army barracks. I was going to behead the soldier and hold his head in the air so my friend could take a photograph… “,burbled the rebellious teen.

The Muslim Issue

‘British soldiers’ heads will be removed… you cannot beat the Muslims’: Letter to parents from teenager convicted of Islamic terror plot which revealed his hopes of killing ‘every gay, every Shia’

  • Youth born in UK to Congolese parents and raised as Jehovah’s Witness
  • But he converted to Islam and fell in with extremist group in London
  • Court heard he told his girlfriend he was willing to die ‘as a martyr’
  • He was arrested and found to have knife, hammer and black flag in bag
  • 19-year-old was today found guilty of plotting terrorist attack on soldier
  • Judge tells court the teenager can expect a lengthy prison sentence
  • MI5 says the plot was one of the most serious in recent years

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