Interpol Wanted Cleric Yousuf Al-Qaradawi demand UN to outlaw contempt of Islam

OMFG, these people don’t have a clue!

The Muslim Issue

Yousuf Al Qaradawi wants to criminalize any criticism of Islam? What position does a criminal have to demand laws? Yousuf Al Qaradawi is wanted by Interpol on behalf of Egypt for prosecution – but Qatar has clearly refused to hand him over.

Qaradawi, the most senior and respected Sunni authority on Islamic law, accurately claimed two years ago that Islam would not have survived til today if there had not been death penalty for apostasy.



Muslim scholars urge UN to outlaw contempt of religions

Says that the new drawing would give ‘credibility’ to the idea that ‘the West is against Islam’

Published: 13:20 January 21, 2015

Gulf News

Doha: A leading Islamic organisation has called on the United Nations to make “contempt of religions” illegal and urged the West to protect Muslim communities following the attack on French magazine Charlie Hebdo.

The Qatar-based International Union of Muslim Scholars, headed by…

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