Muslim Manifesto for UK – Demands for Special Consideration


By Louis Palme 

British Muslims have presented a Manifesto to Parliament outlining the thirty-threeissues they want addressed by candidates for Parliament. This list provides a clear picture of the Muslim agenda in the UK, and it also helps us understand more-or-less what issues are on the agenda for American Muslims.

The original listing can be found at – it was created by the British Muslim think-tank the Institute for Muslim Community Development. 

What I have done with list below is put the items into a number of categories. Only eleven of the thirty-three demands would be considered fair and reasonable in a secular society. Those demands might have been thrown into the list to throw off the accusation that these are Muslim-specific demands.


Anti-free speech – This would deny the free discussion of religious/political ideologies

Blame-shifting – This demand implies that the problems in the Muslim…

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