Apologise for Muslim terrorism? No. Acknowledge it is Islamic? Yes.

It's a little more complicated than that...

There has been plenty of debate since the unveiling of Jihadi John’s identity about what motivates radicalisation in young Muslim men (and even young women). CAGE, a self-styled human rights group, places the blame on the British state’s security apparatus bullying “beautiful” young men into becoming dangerous jihadists, despite their disingenuous denials to this effect. Notably absent, from those within CAGE, is any acknowledgment of the role of their faith in justifying the horrific violence which ISIS dispenses with such fanaticism. But this is unsurprising when you consider the rhetoric of CAGE’s leadership, with Asim Qureshi publicly filmed calling for jihad at a demonstration organised by radical Islamist group Hizb ut Tahrir (a group he refused tocondemnas extremist on This Week). This absence of any acknowledgment of the role of Islam in radicalisation is not all; indeed, it isfashionablein some circles to deny that ISIS are even an…

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