Pakistani man kills his fiancee and her relatives after family showed ‘reluctance’ over their marriage

The Muslim Issue

  • Gul Ahmad Saeed suspected of shooting fiancee, her parents and siblings 
  • Said to have been ‘infuriated’ about her uncle’s indecisiveness over match
  • Saeed, 25, had already allegedly killed four members of his own family
  • Has been on the run from police since their deaths earlier this year 

 A Pakistani man suspected of killing his fiancee and nine of her relatives after they appeared to be reluctant to give her permission to marry – months after he allegedly murdered his own parents.

The 25-year-old suspect, who has been identified as Gul Ahmad Saeed, is alleged to have shot dead his fiancee, her parents and seven of her siblings on Sunday, police have said.

Their deaths came just months after he is alleged to have killed his own parents, brother and sister-in-law after they objected to the match.

Frustrated: Gul Ahmad Saeed is alleged to have gone on a killing spree after becoming angry with people obstructing his wedding plans. Pictured: Stock image of Pakistani brides and grooms at a mass wedding

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