Sharia Policeman in Swedish School

Laughing isn’t allowed in Islam

Swedish Surveyor


Photo: Anders Robertsson, Borås Tidningar

On monday morning emergency services were called to Eductus in Borås, a school specialized in teaching Swedish to immigrants, after a Muslim student threatened classmates who did not abide by his strict interpretation of Islam. They were reprimanded for laughing and a Christian woman who refused to wear a veil fainted and is currently in the hospital.

”It was complete chaos” says principal Jozefina Persson to the local newspaper, Borås Tidningar.

The class was singing the Swedish song ”Öppna landskap” when the man interrupted and said:

”Quiet with you, you cannot laugh here in school. God forbids us from laughing”.

The man also pointed at a woman and said:

”You are a Christian, that is not good. Here everyone shall be Muslim and wear a veil”.

The teacher quickly got hold of the principal who in turn demanded that the man leave the premises but…

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