Jihadi e-book advises sleeper cells: “Hide your Islam, ally with left wing activists, pretend to be victim and informer.”

The Muslim Issue

Read it in their own words in the PDF link at the bottom of the page.

When we point out that religious Muslims must be deported, we get a lot of slack. But it is completely irrational and financially unviable to keep a growing Muslim population in a Western country. It’s necessary to understand that jihad has existed long before Saddam Hussain was removed from power, long before America intervened into Afghanstan, long before the Saudi’s secretly outsourced the West to meddle with their enemies under the lie that it would create a “democracy” and “equality”.

Muslim immigrants must be removed, mosques banned and demolished and Islam banned. The West had no major threats of terrorism when Muslim immigrants were more or less blocked from immigrating. This scene has now completely changed into a daily threat and an unsure future, all due to the open door policy to Muslim immigrants…

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