Video: German writer meets Isis: ‘Isis much stronger than assumed. Their mission is to destroy all religions and democracy’

The Muslim Issue

German writer Jürgen Todenhöfer gets a quick lesson on Islam and Islamic law straight from Isis. Todenhöfer traveled to Syria while researching content for his upcoming book on Isis.

Isis believes the West ‘has no strategy’ to fight them because they don’t understand them. The West doesn’t understand that the problem is with the ideology of ALL Muslims. The problem is Islam itself. You can arrest individual Muslims in the last minute before they commit a terrorist attack, while a thousand more are groomed constantly through every mosque by using the ideology of the Quran. It takes only three months of intense Quran to turn a “moderate” Muslim into a terrorist.

Isis tells Todenhöfer that fighters in Syria and Iraq are disperged in all directions and avoid to cluster or congregated in groups and living separate making it difficult to target them. Their desire is to die for Allah, not…

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