Indian man assaulted by mob in Qatar over assumed Facebook ‘insult’ against prophet Mohammed

The Muslim Issue

“Anti-Islam, Christian and Jewish comments in Qatari are punishable by up to seven years in prison.” Hm yeah. They should show us how many Muslims are in prison for insulting Christians and Jews. Muslims are horribly hateful against the kafirs.


Indian’s Qatar assault videos go viral

By Samiha Nettikkara BBC Monitoring
13 May 2015, BBC India

This is the moment a man rushes in (right) and hits the victim (circled) over the head

The incident was sparked by several screenshots circulating on the internet of negative Facebook comments about the Prophet and Islam. This image shows just how many people had gathered to confront the man believed to be responsible

The videos of an Indian man in Qatar being beaten up by a group of men from his native state of Kerala have gone viral on social media.

The assault happened reportedly over anti-Islam Facebook posts, and Qatari police had to intervene.

Some reports say the man has denied doing so and this was a case of mistaken identity.

The Indian embassy termed the incident “unfortunate” and says it has sought consular access to the…

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