Al-Nusra Commander acknowledge: We try to topple regime because Alawites are not considered Muslims. All we care about is instating the shari’a.

The Muslim Issue

While foreign media is trying to portray Syria’s president Bashar Al-Assad as some kind of rebel terrorist, we know who is creating the problems in Syria. What would you do if nasty Salafi elements came pouring into your country, began killing your people and began demanding to take over the government? Would you demand that they got their ‘human rights’ [EU reasoning] or would you send the army in to pepper the fuckers to death? Did Europe win the war on Hitler by observing his human rights and spare the Nazi’s from getting killed?

Muslims always lie. They breath and exist on lies. Muslims always say “we are not fighting people who do not fight us.” They are fighting people all over the world who are unarmed and have never fought them. The Christians in Syria were not fighting Muslims, but they are now almost exinct in the region. Yazidis…

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