Rohingya conflict: Bangladesh government filled 400,000 Muslims in indigenous Buddhist region to outnumber and evict natives

A vital article to read. This is ‘hijra’ and the formula applies worldwide.

The Muslim Issue

The media is not publishing the real facts about the origins of the Rohingya problems in Burma. All they report on is when the criminal lot of pushed out of the country in their dingies and boats. They are feeding the public with Muslim nonsense.

The flash crowds of Muslims from Bengal and Bangladesh that are crowding their way into Burma (Myanmar) is an artifical creation. Here is a background to these conflicts that originate in Muslim persecution of native Buddhists and Christians in Bangladesh. Myanmar is positioned neck to neck with Bangladesh and Bengal, so illegal Muslim infiltration is a constant problem. The Muslim held government and army of Bangladesh is committing genocide of Buddhists and Christians to get rid of all non-Muslim elements, with the financial backing and Sunni Salafi encouragement from the Middle East.

Often they exploit poor people for their agendas. Poor people who may not…

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