Saudi man explains why he joined ISIS: I was programmed to die for Islam… it is an honor to kill

The Muslim Issue

Saudi man explains why he joined ISIS and then fled the terror group

“I was programmed. I became one of them. I had the aspiration to be … a martyr”

Zainab Salbi, Nytlive NYTimes


Meet Mohammed Faisel, a 26-year-old Saudi man who decided to leave his family to join ISIS, and was ready to become a martyr for what he believed to be a worthy cause. That was before he witnessed what it is to be an ISIS member, and managed to find a way back to Saudi Arabia. Mohammed gave a detailed interview in Arabic about his experiences with ISIS. The account, which has gone viral on YouTube, is horrifying many in the Middle East. “We are living in dark times at the moment. The only thing that can possibly get worse than what it is now is a nuclear bomb,” a friend said as she sent me…

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