Your Daily Muslim #699: Nabil Huruy

Your Daily Muslim

Nabil Huruy Nabil Huruy

Toronto Muslim Nabil Huruy was ahead of his time. His ideas, deemed radical by many, were put into practice not long before they became mainstream. Yes, he’s a hipster Muslim – he attempted a lone-wolf jihad beheading before they were cool.

Huruy had several encounters with law enforcement in the weeks leading up to the incident, one of which landed him in a hospital for a mental health check. He later went on to deny he was crazy.

One night, Huruy walked into a cafe where some guys were casually playing cards. He joined their game, then decided he wasn’t playing around. He repeatedly slashed and stabbed one of the men, a firefighter, in the head and neck. He was arrested and ordered to undergo another mental health evaluation.

“[At the institution] I thought I got to do my job and guard my own, to prove I’m not…

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