100 Illegal Chinese Uighur Muslims are deported from Thailand over jihad

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Let’s hope the Chinese execute them once and for all. Muslims have been committing bomb and arson attacks in Thailand over Ramadan. They are there to kill Buddhists and spread their hateful vitriol.


Hooded and shackled: 100 Chinese Muslims who were ‘plotting to join ISIS in Syria’ are deported from Thailand

  • More than 100 Chinese Muslim Uighurs have been deported from Thailand
  • It is claimed they were on their way to wage jihad in Iraq, Syria or Turkey
  • A group of 173 sent to Turkey after Thailand determined they were Turkish
  • But the remaining 109 were determined to be Chinese, it was claimed
  • Uighurs in China’s far west have complained of harsh treatment by Beijing [*Fact: The Sunni Uighurs have forced their way into China from Mongolia and Turkic-speaking Turks, and have been a problem and cause of violence ever since]

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Aljazeera article about Temporary Protected Status for Syrians tips us off—thousands of Syrians in US illegally

Refugee Resettlement Watch

…..and more appear to be coming!

For new readers, Temporary Protected Status, is basically a sham LEGAL immigration program that is anything but temporary.

The idea behind it is that we would give temporary refugee status to people already in the US for some other reason (tourist or student visa for example) when a calamity befalls their home country.  The thinking is that it wouldn’t be humane of us to send them home to a country in chaos either from war or natural disaster.  It is supposed to last for 18 months and allows the temporary ‘refugees’ to work, but not collect welfare.

Sounds fine and dandy except there are those with TPS status who are here for decades as the federal government just continues to extend the deadline, and you know darn well many are now collecting welfare and voting!  See our post last week about the newest…

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UK: Medial poll show that 1.5 million British Muslims see themselves as supporters of ISIS

Muslim Statistics

This is more or less another confirmation of our report from 2014 and 2015.

1. 80% of London Muslims (1.03 mil) Support the Islamic State
2. BBC Poll: 49% of UK Muslims endorse hate preachers; 11% support Jihad; 27% support Charlie Hebdo execution

Muslim leader: ‘ISIS-supporting Brits may be disenfranchised by Tory cuts’

A Mirror poll showing that 1.5 million Brits see themselves as supporters of ISIS has sparked swift responses from Muslim leaders

Protest march in Liverpool city centre against terrorist group ISIS

Public opinion: There’s been a rise in protest marches like this one in Liverpool against terrorist group IS

Muslim leaders have responded to the Mirror’s disturbing poll showing that 1.5 million Brits identified as supporters of the brutal so-called Islamic State.

One prominent leader has even said Muslims here may be disenfranchised with new Tory policies which are turning them to have sympathies for IS and their…

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To date, 843 Syrian refugees admitted to the US; 92% are Muslims

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Editor’s note:  I have so much news to post, but internet connection is dropping today.  If I disappear, know that I am frustrated about not getting it to you or posting your comments! Or, answering your many e-mails.

Since everyone is talking about the number of Syrians admitted to the US as refugees (see yesterday’s comments by House Homeland Security Committee chairman), I thought it was time to update the numbers.

Most of our Syrians are coming from UN camps like this one which house primarily Muslim refugees. Photo: http://www.theguardian.com/world/2012/jul/30/syria-aleppo-fight-continues-live

When I search thedata base for Syrians I go back to calendar year 2012 (1/1/2012) so as to include those who might have gotten here right after the recent conflict began in 2011 (thus numbers you see published may vary some depending on when the source began counting).

I reported on May 1that we had admitted 815…

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UK: 300 more Muslim pedophiles, including councillors, victimizing 1,400 children discovered in Rotherham

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Rotherham child exploitation inquiry: councillors among possible suspects

National Crime Agency says it has identified 300 potential suspects from more than 3,000 lines of inquiry in investigation into alleged sexual abuse

i am an immigrant uk
[TMI added image to the article]

Helen Pidd Northern editor
The Guardian, Wednesday 24 June 2015

Two current or former Rotherham councillors are among up to 300 men suspected of grooming and sexually exploiting girls as young as 12 in the South Yorkshire town, according to the National Crime Agency (NCA).

The NCA, Britain’s answer to the FBI, began investigating child sexual exploitation in Rotherham following harrowing allegations of non-familial abuse in the town uncovered in a report by Prof Alexis Jay, which was prompted by an investigation by the Times.

Investigators said the majority of suspects appeared to be of Asian appearance, but would not give a firm number while research was still being done on further potential…

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Twin Falls, Idaho update: The refugee program is aok as long as they are “transparent”

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Apparently Idaho citizens have been expressing concerns (good for you!) about the on-going refugee resettlement program located at the College of Southern Idaho perhaps in response to our reporting, here, and that of World Net Daily here.

Every official involved is playing down concerns that the soon-to-arrive Syrian refugees will be thoroughly screened.  I guess they haven’t heard that the chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, Rep. Michael McCaul, calls the resettlement a “jihadi pipeline” to America.

Steve Hartgen Rep. Stephen Hartgen who represents Twin Falls must now obtain the R & P Abstract prepared by the resettlement agency each year and make it public to the community, that is, if they aren’t just blowing smoke about the need for transparency.

The article is your basic admonition to calm down, move along, nothing to see here.

However, the State’s Attorney General’s comment that the refugee contractor should be transparent

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Al-Nusra Commander acknowledge: We try to topple regime because Alawites are not considered Muslims. All we care about is instating the shari’a.

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While foreign media is trying to portray Syria’s president Bashar Al-Assad as some kind of rebel terrorist, we know who is creating the problems in Syria. What would you do if nasty Salafi elements came pouring into your country, began killing your people and began demanding to take over the government? Would you demand that they got their ‘human rights’ [EU reasoning] or would you send the army in to pepper the fuckers to death? Did Europe win the war on Hitler by observing his human rights and spare the Nazi’s from getting killed?

Muslims always lie. They breath and exist on lies. Muslims always say “we are not fighting people who do not fight us.” They are fighting people all over the world who are unarmed and have never fought them. The Christians in Syria were not fighting Muslims, but they are now almost exinct in the region. Yazidis…

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